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National Beef Cook-Off Retires but Beef Events & Social Media Continues!

The National Beef Cook-Off is retiring in 2014. This premier national beef cooking competition that generated so many great recipes, starting in 1974, ended with last year’s contest. The Beef Checkoff funded plans, with the American National CattleWomen in 2014 include face-to-face beef promotion and education events promoting beef recipes at metropolitan cooking shows and in retail grocery stores. All these great events will be posted here on this website, please check back. Pinterest users can continue to discover new beef recipes and collect the recipes you love to cook by clicking our National Beef Cook-Off page.

We really enjoyed your recipes, working with you at the competitions and featuring you and your great beef recipes to the media who covered this great program. Beef is as relevant today in our diets as it was 40 years ago. Americans hold a special place in their hearts for beef, especially when sharing special moments with family and friends. No matter what the occasion, from a regular weekday meal to feeding a crowd or hosting a family celebration, beef delivers every time. Only beef delivers the variety, nutrition and value families’ love, in ways that make every meal special.

In 2014 we want to help you take your love for beef to the next level by exploring this sizzling protein in new and delicious ways.

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